At the law offices of Mark B. Arthur PC in Virginia, we know that a DUI charge represents one of the most serious vehicle-related charges you can face. If convicted, not only do you face the possibility of substantial jail time and payment of a large fine, the conviction can haunt you for years to come.

As FindLaw explains, any conviction on your record, including that of a DUI, can negatively impact your employment prospects. If you are a college or post-graduate student who will apply for a professional license after graduation, the licensing board could refuse to issue you a license to practice in your chosen field based on a DUI conviction. In addition, prospective employers could decline to employ you once they find the conviction on your record.

Background checks

You should be aware of the fact that the Fair Credit Reporting Act requires removal of your DUI arrest after seven years. Your conviction thereof, however, remains on your record forever unless you get your conviction expunged. You should also be aware that the FCRA applies only to employers who hire outside agencies to conduct their employment background checks. Should your prospective employer choose to conduct the background check itself, it has no restrictions on what type of information it can gather about you.

Unfortunately, a background check can reveal any number of negative facts about you, including the following:

  • Driving record from any state in which you ever lived
  • Driving record from any state in which you received a DUI or other vehicle-related conviction
  • Driver’s license suspensions and/or revocations from any state in which you ever lived and the reasons therefor
  • Court records
  • Incarceration records
  • Facebook and other social media information about you

Given that many potential employers view a criminal conviction as a black mark against your character, your DUI conviction could cause you to lose out on a job you really want. For more information, please visit this page on our website.