People in Virginia who are facing criminal charges understandably want to learn how they may best defend themselves and avoid or minimize any penalties. A plea deal, also called a plea agreement, is one way that some people are able to do this. It may also eliminate some of the surprise or tension involved in enduring a full trial.

One man who is 19 years old has recently entered into a plea agreement with prosecutors in Cabell County in which he will have three years to potentially see his felony conviction eliminated. As reported by The Herald-Dispatch, the case involves multiple instances of arson. The defendant had been a volunteer firefighter for the Salt Rock Fire Department. He and another man who was also a volunteer firefighter with a different department are accused of setting at least five fires on purpose in the first few months of this year.

The plea deal gives the man three years of supervision after which time his felony conviction for setting fire on land will be tossed out. If, however, he fails to successfully complete his supervisory period, he will face sentencing for the offense.

The defendant has also been convicted of misdemeanors related to conspiracy and making false reports about fires. He will be sentenced for these offenses at the end of his three-year supervision period. The other man said to be involved has not yet been convicted or sentenced so it is unknown if he may also make a plea deal that involved a deferred adjudication.