Residents who are arrested for and accused of drunk driving offenses in Virginia may find it important to research their options for defending themselves against these charges. As with any arrest, a person should be able to trust that they are considered innocent until they are proven otherwise. When it comes to a driving under the influence charge, there may be a few different types of evidence that weigh into a final determination of guilt or innocence. One of these may involve the results of a breath test.

At least one brand of breath test devices has come under scrutiny recently as some are alleging that the products yield inaccurate readings. Problems involving how the units are calibrated as well as how the source code is originally developed or programmed are both pointed to as sources for potential false positives or other incorrect results.

It is not known if any other brands of breath test devices may share similar characteristics that could eventually raise concerns about their accuracy as well. Given how important a breath test reading is in a DUI case, the reliability of these items may be critical to the outcome of many criminal arrests.

People who have been charged with DUI offenses in Virginia might want to talk with a lawyer to learn how they may get more details about the evidence used against them and how accurate it may or may not actually be.

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