When parents in Virginia get divorced, it’s still their duty to raise their child well. The child needs emotional support during this difficult time, but it’s also important that they receive the financial help they need.

This is why child support payments are of utmost importance. By the Legal Dictionary definition, child support is a type of recurrent payment made by the noncustodial parent which should then be used to contribute to the costs of raising the child. The payment is up to noncustodial parents to cover because custodial parents will be dealing with the everyday expenses of raising a child such as food, water, clothing, and more.

But what are child support payments used for, then? FindLaw reminds parents that child support does not only cover the bare necessities of the child, but is also meant to contribute to things that will enrich a child’s life. This can include trips, travel, entertainment, transportation, and scholastic-related costs such as field trips, school supplies, tuition, and extracurricular activities.

Of course, support payments can also be used for more basic necessities like contributing to costs of food and shelter, or paying for medical expenses that are uninsured. It’s up to the custodial parent, who receives the child support payment, to determine how best to use it.

It becomes easy to see just how important these payments are for the livelihood of any child. Accordingly, parents who are not receiving the proper amount in child support payments may wish to see what their legal options are.