When college students choose to drink alcohol on Virginia campuses, they may simply think they are engaging in a recreational college activity. However, alcohol can have serious consequences for students, especially if they choose to drink and then drive home.

While many college students might understand that drinking and driving is not safe behavior, they may not consider that this activity can sometimes lead to their deaths. According to The Washington Post, injuries connected to alcohol cause the deaths of about 1,825 students each year. This includes injuries sustained in car accidents. Some students might think that drunk driving is a relatively rare phenomenon among college students. However, roughly 3,360,000 college students drive after they have been drinking each year. 

If a student is charged with a DUI, he or she may initially think that this charge will not affect other aspects of his or her life. BACtrack says that a drunk driving conviction can have an immediate impact on a student’s life. A college application may sometimes ask students to acknowledge convictions on their criminal record and others may perform background checks. A DUI conviction may affect whether a student receives scholarships and even sometimes may keep a student from being admitted into a program. This conviction can also affect a student’s job. Some employers may have a policy that mandates the termination of an employee if he or she is convicted of a crime.

Additionally, a student’s job prospects can be affected by a DUI conviction. If students apply for a job that includes driving a company vehicle, they may not be able to gain these positions. A DUI conviction usually shows up in a background check and the presence of this conviction may sometimes deter employers from hiring these students.