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Call for more treatment to help with drug addiction

Virginia residents who have ever taken an opioid medication to control pain or know someone who has may have themselves witnessed firsthand the challenges associated with the addictive nature of these drugs. While originally heralded for their ability to help people manage severe pain after surgeries or due to chronic conditions, prescription pain medications like vicodin or oxycodone have led many people to develop serious and even deadly addictions. Along the way, many people have found themselves facing criminal charges related to these drugs as well.

Proposed bill to end cash bonds

Those who have been arrested in Virginia understand how stressful it can be to need to pay a cash bond in order to be released from jail while awaiting trial. Not everyone can afford to pay, and that can keep a person locked away from their family and their livelihood before even getting their day in court. A new bill proposed in the Senate is aiming to end the practice of bail bonds.

Know your rights: Being stopped by police

Many in Virginia are aware of some of their rights because of crime procedural shows on television, but in the event of being stopped or questioned by law enforcement, it is important to understand the rights available to those in the United States. A person can end up a part of an investigation without having committed a crime, so being aware of one's rights is one way to protect against arrest.

Could you have committed a white collar crime?

If you watch the news or keep up with the local periodicals in Lynchburg consistently, you will likely hear the term "white collar crime" come up sooner or later. Yet while movies and other popular media may have already given you a romanticized idea of what sort of criminal activity that this may be, do you actually know what it is? The term was originally used to provide a distinction between classes of criminals, with "white collar" referring to people of a higher social status, and "blue collar" used in referenced to those from lower classes. With such distinctions having since become antiquated, the term white collar crime now refers specifically to fraudulent actions involving business and government professionals.

State orders marijuana Crime Commission study

As states around the country are decriminalizing the use of marijuana, both for medicinal and recreational use, Virginia has been reluctant to get into the conversation. According to Newsplex, times could be changing. The state Crime Commission is ordering a full study of issues surrounding marijuana decriminalization, including how other states are managing pot use, and what to consider for both recreational and medical uses of the drug.

Man with Parkinson's disease granted bond after appeal

Virginia residents who are charged with serious criminal offenses often must navigate what can feel like a complex criminal justice system. Some cases may last for many years and often times an original decision may need to be appealed. This is just one of the factors that may contribute to a lengthy process. However, it is also one of the things that gives defendants the opportunity to ensure that their rights are properly addressed.

What is GBH?

Most students on college campuses in Virginia and their parents have heard media references to things called date-rape drugs. But, how well do you relaly know what these substances are or can do? If you or someone you know has been accused of a sex crime like date rape, you may want to educate yourself about these things.

Defining sexual abuse in Virginia

Like many of those attending any of the institutions of higher learning in or around Lynchburg, you likely enjoy the student social scene. Oftentimes, your interactions may present opportunities for you to become intimate with another. While romantic relationships certainly are not something to be avoided, many of those that we here at Mark B. Arthur PC have worked with will tell you to exercise caution when engaging in intimate activity, as actions that you may view as being innocent can often be portrayed as being otherwise.

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